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2010-06-11 18:34:43 by Nintendo-pie

Hello everyone.

I have a new YouTube channel where I review the cream of the Newgrounds crop.
Every day I post a new video of the top rated game for that day, and hopefully give some intresting commentary while playing it.

I also take requests, so if you have a game you have made, or want to see reviewed, you can PM me, either here on Newgrounds, or at my YouTube channel here!

I hope you have a look.


Shameless self promotion

2009-02-15 06:21:17 by Nintendo-pie

Hello Newgrounders. Today I'm going to show a link to my new YouTube video!

It's a VGMV of 'Princes of the Universe' by 'Queen'. All the game footage used is from Nintendo, so if you're a Sony or Microsoft man, stay clear.

Damn embed won't work, so here's a link.

Princes of the Universe VGMV

Until next time. Bye.


2008-07-21 11:57:22 by Nintendo-pie

OK, so my first post didn't attract too much attention, but that was expected. This time I'm going to show you a very basic anime drawing I drew in flash (done with a mouse) of me.

Hope you like it.

Any tips are appreciated as well.


My first ever post (Yayz)

2008-06-09 10:13:37 by Nintendo-pie

I was just wondering how many people stumble across this page, I haven't posted any flash things yet so I assume it wont be many. Oh well, I might as well promote something...
Um, how about this website. It's a forum of which I am an administrator on. We have 90ish members and discuss mainly GameMaker, a program for making games. It's not flash, but it's good. We also have a game section where you can post on games you like (or hate). So come and check it out if it sounds good.

My next post will probably be on Super Smash Bros Brawl when it finally arrives over here in Europe.
Until next time (maybe) goodbye!